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HWith the Little League fields built, a group of youth baseball volunteers and veterans organized the first official meeting of Crown City Little League. The initial membership of a few dozen people met in the fall of 2007 to elect a Board of Directors. A League Constitution was adopted and a League Charter issued by the Little League Baseball headquarters in Williamsport, PA.

The nine member volunteer Board of Directors undertook the various tasks of registering players, recruiting volunteer coaches, fundraising to support operations, and ensuring that players would enjoy a fun, safe season developing their baseball skills. The first pitch was thrown out on May 3, 2008 by Cortlandville Town Councilman Ted Testa. The park was named Testa Park in honor of Ted's commitment to the park for the community.

How did the Crown City Little League get its name?

Located on a high plain formed by the convergence of seven valleys, Cortland is known as the Crown City. The highest city in the state, Cortland is situated about 1,130 feet above sea level, making it the uppermost city to crown the state, as well as the city closest to the geographic center of New York.

The crown on the official Cortland seal has seven points which create seven valleys depicting Cortland's seven surrounding valleys. Crown City Little League seemed the best name for Cortland's new Little League program in which kids play America's national pastime in its best form.