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Assessment Day is March 14.


Crown City Little League has paid umpiring opportunities for adults and kids who have aged out of Little League. and plate umpire position are open. Training sessions will be availble throughout the season.

If you would like to become a Crown City Little League umpire, please do the following:


In order to be a paid umpire, you must complete and return the documents below by May 24th to the Cortland Youth Bureau Office located at 35 Port Watson St. Home plate umpires will be paid $20 per game and umpires will be paid $15 a game if only one, and $10 a game if two are used. Payment will be issued in one lump sum at the end of the season.

Note to umpires 16 years old and younger: You must obtain working papers from the Cortland High School Guidance office. You will need to bring the card that you were issued to the Youth Bureau. Depending on their date of birth, 13 year olds may be denied working papers because of their age. If this happens, please contact the Cortland Youth Bureau at 607-753-3021 and tell them that you were unable to get working papers.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about umpire training, scheduling or other processes, please contact League Information Officer, Tony DeRado at 607-745-6076.

Availability and Scheduling

You will need to let us know your availabiility to umpire by completing a short Doodle poll each week. Polls will be posted on Wednesday and will need to be completed before Thursday at 9 pm. Check the times that are good for you and leave blank the times that are not. Note that only the most experienced umpires will be assigned to calling balls and strikes.

Doodle Poll link for July 6-July 11

The schedule below will be updated with umpires assignments for the upcoming week.

Home Team Away Team Date Location Plate Field Time
Nationals Cubs Tue 5/11 Key Bank Owen Matteus 5:45 PM
Athletics Twins Tue 5/11 NBT Adam (T) Ben 6:00 PM
Mariners Mets Wed 5/12 Key Bank Austin Stellan 5:45 PM
Major Giants HLL Grey Wed 5/12 NBT Tony Matteus 6:00 PM
Nationals Rockies Thu 5/13 NBT Owen Adam 5:45 PM
Cubs Athletics Thu 5/13 Key Bank Shari (M) Ben 6:00 PM
Mariners HLL Blue Sat 5/15 NBT Caden Stellan 1:00 PM
Twins Rockies Sat 5/15 Key Bank Shari Matteus 1:30 PM
Indians Major Giants Sat 5/15 NBT Austin Caden 3:30 PM
Athletics Nationals Sat 5/15 Key Bank Owen Ben 4:00 PM
Major Giants Mets Mon 5/17 Key Bank Owen Stellan 5:45 PM
Indians Mariners Mon 5/17 NBT Austin Adam 6:00 PM
Cubs Rockies Tue 5/18 Key Bank Liam Ben 5:45 PM
Nationals Twins Tue 5/18 NBT Austin Adam 6:00 PM
Mariners Major Giants Wed 5/19 Key Bank Tony Matteus 5:45 PM
Indians HLL Grey Wed 5/19 NBT Stellan Shari 6:00 PM
Major Giants HLL Blue Sat 5/22 NBT Nathaniel Ben 1:00 PM
Twins Cubs Sat 5/22 Key Bank Owen Matteus 1:30 PM
Mets Indians Sat 5/22 NBT Austin Nathaniel 3:30 PM
Rockies Athletics Sat 5/22 Key Bank Stellan Matteus 4:00 PM
Athletics Cubs Tue 5/25 Key Bank Owen Adam 5:45 PM
Rockies Nationals Tue 5/25 NBT Stellan Matteus 6:00 PM
Cubs Nationals Thur 5/27 Key Bank Owen Ben 5:45 PM
Twins Athletics Thur 5/27 NBT Stellan Adam 6:00 PM
Rockies Twins Tues 6/01 Key Bank Caden Ben 5:45 PM
Nationals Athletics Tues 6/01 NBT Owen Adam 6:00 PM
Major Giants Indians Wed 6/02 Key Bank Tony Stellan 5:45 PM
Mets HLL Grey Wed 6/02 NBT Matt Matteus 6:00 PM
Mets HLL Blue Sat 6/05 NBT Tony Ben 1:00 PM
Twins Nationals Sat 6/05 Key Bank Stellan Mateus 1:30 PM
Major Giants Mariners Sat 6/05 NBT Quinn Stellan 3:30 PM
Rockies Cubs Sat 6/05 Key Bank Owen Nate 4:00 PM
Mets Mariners Mon 6/07 Key Bank Quinn Adam 5:45 PM
Indians HLL Blue Mon 6/07 NBT Owen Mateus 6:00 PM
Cubs Twins Tue 6/08 Key Bank Tony Ben 5:45 PM
Athletics Rockies Tue 6/08 NBT Austin Adam 6:00 PM
Indians Mets Wed 6/09 Key Bank Austin Nate 5:45 PM
Mariners HLL Grey Wed 6/09 NBT Stellan Matteus 6:00 PM
Twins Athletics Sat 6/12 NBT Stellan Mateus 1:00 PM
Mets Major Giants Sat 6/12 Key Bank Tony Ben 1:30 PM
Nationals Cubs Sat 6/12 NBT Caden Stellan 3:30 PM
Mariners Indians Sat 6/12 Key Bank Matt M. Mateus 4:00 PM
CCLL LLMH Sun 6/13 NBT Austin(paid) Mateus(paid) 10:00 AM
NSLL SLL Sun 6/13 Key Bank Tony Caden(paid) 10:00 AM
ULL NSLL Sun 6/13 NBT Austin(paid) Stellan(paid) 12:15 PM
LLMH SLL Sun 6/13 Key Bank Tony Adam/Ben(paid) 12:15 PM
CCLL ULL Sun 6/13 NBT Steve Owen/Quinn(paid) 2:30 PM
Rockies Nationals Tue 6/15 Key Bank Owen Ben 5:45 PM
Cubs Athletics Tue 6/15 NBT Stellan Adam 5:45 PM
Indians Mets Wed 6/16 Key Bank Matt L. Mateus 5:45 PM
Major Giants Mariners Wed 6/16 NBT Austin Stellan 6:00 PM
Twins Rockies Sat 6/19 NBT Quinn Matteus 1:00 PM
Mariners Indians Sat 6/19 Key Bank Tony Ben 1:30 PM
Athletics Nationals Sat 6/19 NBT Stellan Matteus 3:30 PM
Mets Major Giants Sat 6/19 Key Bank Tony Ben 4:00 PM
Rockies Cubs Tues 6/22 Key Bank Dwight (paid) Ben 5:45 PM
Nationals Twins Tues 6/22 NBT Tony Adam 5:45 PM
Indians Major Giants Wed 6/23 Key Bank Nathaniel Mateus 5:45 PM
Mariners Mets Wed 6/23 NBT Matt L Stellan 6:00 PM
Athletics Rockies Thur 6/24 Key Bank Testa (Paid) Adam 5:45 PM
Cubs Twins Thur 6/24 NBT Tony Ben 5:45 PM
#1 Mets #4 Mariners Sat 6/26 NBT Austin Matteus 1:00 PM
#4 Nationals #5 A's Sat 6/26 Key Bank Tony Ben 1:00 PM
#2 Giants #3 Indians Sat 6/26 Key Bank Caden Stellan 3:30 PM
10u all stars 10u all stars Sun 6/27 Key Bank Stellan Adam 10:00 AM
#2 Cubs #3 Rockies Tue 6/29 Key Bank Craig (paid) Adam 5:45 PM
#1 Twins #4 Nationals Tue 6/29 NBT Owen (micah) Ben 5:45 PM
#2 Cubs #3 Rockies Mon 7/5 Gutchess Nathaniel Mateus 5:00 PM
TBD A's Mon 7/5 Gutchess Nathaniel Mateus 5:45 PM
#1 Mets #2 Giants Mon 7/5 NBT Tony Ben/Adam 6:00 PM
#3 Indians #4 Mariners Mon 7/5 Key Bank Austin Stellan 6:00 PM
#4 Nationals #3 Rockies Tue 7/6 NBT T. Testa (paid) Ben 5:00 PM
#2 Cubs #1 Twins Tue 7/6 Key Bank Tony Adam 5:45 PM
#2 Giants #3 Indians Wed 7/7 Key Bank Matt M. Mateus/Stellan 6:00 PM
#3 Rockies #2 Cubs Thu 7/8 NBT Tony Ben/Adam 5:45 PM
#1 Mets #3 Indians Sat 7/10 Key Bank Matt M. Quinn ($20) 12:30 PM
#3 Rockies #4 Nationals Sat 7/10 Key Bank Tony Owen/Ben 3:00 PM
If needed TBD If needed TBD Sun 7/11 Key Bank Matt M. Quinn/Ben 12:00 PM